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COVID-19 store updates


A note to our valued guests from our CEO Brian Hannasch can be found here.

Couche-Tard and Circle K enact COVID-19 emergency measures to support customers and employees press release.

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More on how we support our valued customers at Circle K stores during COVID-19.

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COVID-19 Store info


  • Will you increase your prices as products are becoming in short supply?

    We will not raise our prices to try to increase our profits during this crisis, and we have asked our suppliers to delay price
    increases that were already planned in the coming days. This said, our customers may notice some changes in pricing as the
    production cost of some items go up. We want you to know that we are hard at work to keep our stores stocked and prices fair.

  • Are you testing your employees for COVID-19 at stores?

    No, we are not testing our employees for COVID-19. We are following health authorities’ guidelines and have asked all our employees to contact their healthcare professional if they:
    • feel sick with fever, cough, or have difficulty breathing;
    • have been in close contact with a person known to have COVID-19;
    • have recently traveled outside of Canada.

    Healthcare professionals are working closely with provincial health authorities to determine if an individual need to be tested for COVID-19. If our employees have any doubts, we have recommended that they do not come to work and contact their manager as soon as possible. We have also put in place emergency sick pay to enable all our employees to get tested if necessary and stay home to recover should they test positively to the virus.

  • Do you offer home delivery?

    We are working with Door dash in selected sites, click here for more information:

  • What is the procedure if one of your employees tests positively for COVID-19?

    If an employee in one of our stores is confirmed to have COVID-19 the store will be closed and sanitized before it is reopened. In this scenario, we will communicate with the impacted employees immediately.

  • What measures are you taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your stores?

    We put in place many preventative measures, including the installation of plexiglass dividers at checkouts, the addition of queue line separators and floor markings to ensure proper social distancing. As well, Couche-Tard has taken many steps around food safety, enforcing strict cleaning and sanitization procedures in stores and food preparation areas, adding single-
    item packaging to bakery and other self-serve food items, suspending the use of refillable mugs and cups in certain markets, and ceasing in-store product sampling.

  • Should your employees be wearing masks?

    We are following closely the guidelines published by federal and provincial health authorities. For healthy individuals, Health Canada does not recommend wearing face masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Evidence suggests that wearing a face mask can increase the spread of the virus by giving a false sense of security. There is also a potential risk of infection if the mask is not handled and disposed of properly. For this reason, we have advised our employees not to wear masks.

  • Are rollergrill still open?

    There are a stores where the grills are still in use, in full compliance with applicable measures. As the situation evolves every day, we invite you to contact our customer service team ( to find the store with roller grill offers closest to you.

  • Should your employees be wearing gloves?

    Our employees normally wear gloves to perform certain tasks in store, such as preparing food, and this has not changed.
    However, we are following health authorities’ guidelines advising not to wear gloves at the cash register. Instead, we ask our
    employees to frequently wash their hands for 20 seconds after handling cash and avoid touching their face.

  • What are you doing to make sure stores are clean right now with COVID-19?

    At Couche-Tard, we are committed to ensuring a safe work environment for our employees and providing our customers with a safe, clean and friendly experience each time they visit our stores. We are reinforcing our cleaning and sanitation procedures with increased numbers of alcohol-based hand sanitizers stations available at our locations for customer and employee use. We are also ensuring that all store employees have access to protective gloves with clear guidelines on appropriate usage, and we are increasing cleaning supply stocks at all our locations. We have asked all our store teams to go above and beyond to ensure the health and safety of our customers. Additionally, we have taken several measures to educate our employees and customers on best practices to reduce exposure to illness, stressing the importance of:

    • Consistent cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched objects and surfaces;
    • Frequent hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds;
    • Avoiding touching eyes, nose and mouth;
    • Avoiding close contact with people who are sick;
    • Following best practices for cleaning and for handling of food.

  • Are your pumps and screens clean?

    Our employees are committed to keeping our stores clean inside and out. That includes anywhere your hands may go from
    surfaces, screens, pumps, restrooms and more. This is always a priority for us, but now we have asked all our store teams to
    go the extra mile as we know with this virus, cleanliness is key to health and safety.

  • Are you still accepting cash payments in store?

    Couche-Tard is especially mindful to keep serving all our customers in this time of need, regardless of their mode of payment. While health authorities have not recommended that retailers stop accepting cash, we are asking our customers to use debit and credit as much as possible. We will keep accepting cash as long as we have the funds available to give change to customers.

  • What are you doing to prevent contamination through food and beverages?

    In some provinces, guided by health official mandates to close buffet-style restaurants, we have stopped selling roller grill
    items. We also have placed all fresh bakery items in individual paper bags. Regarding beverages, we have asked our
    customers to stop bringing in their reusable cups to our stores and instead to use disposable cups for dispensed beverages.

  • What is Couche-Tard doing to address the COVID-19 crisis?

    Our customers’ and employees’ health and safety are our key priority. We are carefully watching the World Health Organization as well as federal and provincial health authorities for the most up to date information – they know best what is going on with the spread of the coronavirus disease COVID-19, and we have dedicated teams following their advice. During this critical time, we have reinforced our cleaning procedures in store and at the fuel pumps, and we are providing a lot of information to our employees on how to stay healthy. Our employees have also been asked to stay home if they feel any symptoms associated with COVID-19, and we have put in place emergency sick pay to enable all our employees to get tested if necessary and stay home to recover should they test positively to the virus. We know that our customers are coming to us to buy hygiene and other emergency supplies, and our teams are hard at work to increase our stock to meet their needs. Finally, we are also offering free coffee, tea or a Polar Pop to first responders and healthcare workers that are helping in our communities, as well as to our dedicated store employees. We are grateful for their dedication and hope that our small gesture will help make their day a little easier

  • How do you ensure that your stores are stocked with the basic hygiene and food products that customers are looking for during this crisis?

    We know that hygiene supplies and other every day necessities are in high demand right now. Our teams are working hard to
    restock products on our shelves to ensure our customers can find what they need.

  • Are Couche-Tard stores open?

    Couche-Tard stores are considered an essential service for the Quebec population, to whom they provide fuel and merchandise. All Couche-Tard stores with gas stations will remain open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while Couche-Tard stores without gas stations will be open from 5:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. only, as of Saturday, January 9 and until February 8, 2021, following the application of the new health measures in force. Please take a look here (link to store locator) to find your nearest store with or without a gas station.

  • Are you limiting the quantity of sanitizer, toilet paper or other necessities that customers can buy at a time?

    No, we don’t currently have any company-wide restriction on the number of items our customers can buy at the same time. We know that hygiene supplies and other every day necessities are in high demand, and we are working closely with our suppliers to ensure that we can match the demand for stocks in our stores. This said, we have also authorized our store managers to manage their inventory, including the discretion to limit sales quantities on items that are in unusually high demand.

  • Have you changed your opening hours?

    The change in opening hours applies only to stores without gas stations. These will be open from 5:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. from Saturday, January 9 until Monday, February 8, 2021.

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