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Are you THE ULTIMATE hockey fan? With Coors Light, you could win one of the 25 hockey kits when buying a 30-pack of Coors Light.

Will you be unstoppable?



(the “Contest”)


1. ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible to enter, the participant must be: (i) 18 years of age or older; and (ii) a resident of Quebec. You are not eligible to enter or win, if you are: a) an employee, representative or agent of Molson Canada 2005 (the “Sponsor”), of Couche-Tard Inc., or any of their respective affiliates and related companies, advertising or promotional agencies, the contest judging organization, any participating account or the prize suppliers; b) an employee or contractor of a provincial liquor authority, a beer distribution company or a participating licensed establishment, or, any liquor licensee authorized by a provincial liquor authority; c) anyone involved in the development and/or administration of the Contest; or d) a member of the immediate family (defined as parents, siblings, children and spouse, regardless of where they live) or household (whether related or not) of any of the above persons.

2. HOW TO ENTER: Beginning on October 2nd, 2019 and ending at 11:59 pm (ET) on November 5, 2019 (the “Contest Period”). The contest will take place in six hundred and forty-two (642) Couche-Tard establishments (“Participating Stores”) located in the province of Quebec. During the Contest Period, with a purchase of a pack of 30 cans of 355 mL O’Keefe beer (the “Participating Products”), when it will be scanned at the cash, the consumer will instantly find out if he won a prize. If this is the case, he/she will have to communicate, as indicated on the back of his/her cash receipt, by phone at 1 877 821-6029 to claim his/her prize. The consumer will have to follow indications that will be given by phone or email to be able to get their prize, as well as answer a mandatory mathematical skill-testing question and other eligibility criteria. Any person wishing to obtain a participation without the obligation to purchase must refer to article 3 below.

3. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY: In order to enter the contest without obligation of purchase, the participant must write a handwritten letter with the following information: name, full address, city, province, postal code, cell phone number (including area code ), their date of birth and email address and say in at least 50 words why they would like to win a prize within the context of the Contest. Each letter must be handwritten and different. Participants will have to send their letter by mail with "GAGNE TON FRIGO O’KEEFE CHEZ COUCHE-TARD" to the following address: 1744 William, #108, Montreal, Quebec, H3J 1R4. Upon the reception of your letter, the administrator of the Contest will send you one (1) cash receipt (without obligation to purchase) including a UPC attached to the promotion (The “coupon”) by mail, for validation in one of the participating Couche-Tard stores. Limit of one (1) participation without purchase per person. The participant must send his request in the required time to allow the Organizer of the Contest and of the promotion to send him a participation without obligation to purchase before the end date of the Contest. The released parties (defined below) will not be held responsible of the registration forms that are unreadable, incomplete, lost, sent to the wrong address, that have technical failures or that are transmitted late, which will all be considered void and invalid. It is understood, for a greater certainty and to dissipate any doubt, that you can use only (1) one email address to enter the present Contest. If the sponsor finds out that a person has tried: i) to obtain more than the maximal amount of registration forms specified in the present official rules of the Contest; or ii) use (or try to use) many names or identities or more than one (1) email address to enter the Contest, this person can be disqualified from the Contest and all of his registration forms can be cancelled. Your registration form will be rejected if it is not properly completed, does not include all of the mandatory information, and if it is not submitted and received before the end date of participation. The use (or attempt to use) many names, identities, email addresses or systems, automated programs, robotics or macros, scripts or any other similar system to register or enter the present Contest or disrupt it in any other manner, is prohibited and can lead to disqualification by the sponsor. All of the registration forms are subject to verification at any moment, for any reason. The sponsor reserves the right to require a piece of identity or admissibility (in the form that is judged acceptable by the sponsor, including, without limitation, a piece of identity with photo issued by the government) to enter the Contest. If the entrant does not provide a proof considered valid by the sponsor in a timely manner, his registration can be disqualified

4. PRIZES. There is a total of seven (7) prizes (each a “prize”) to win. The prize consists one (1) O’Keefe refrigerator. There is a total of seven (7) prizes to win for the duration of the contest. Each prize has an average value of one thousand seventeen (1 017$) CAD.
All the expenses other than the ones that are included in the prize, mentioned above, will be at the expense of the winner and his guest. The winner will not have the right to the difference in money between the mentioned value and the real value if there is a difference.
The chances of winning a prize will depend on the number of valid entries registered per day during the promotional period, from October 2nd to November 5th, 2019.
The prizes are not transferable or assignable and must be accepted as is, without cash substitution or other, except to the sole discretion of the sponsor. The sponsor reserves the right, to his exclusive discretion, to replace a prize or part of a prize by a prize with the same value if the prize or a part of the prize cannot be awarded as described for any reason that may be. However, the released parties (defined below) will not be responsible if weather conditions, event cancellations, or other factors independent of the sponsor’s will, in a reasonable manner, prevent a prize from being awarded, completely or partially, or prevent its fruition. In such a case, no winner will have the right to a replacement prize nor an equivalent in cash. No prize will be issued without a confirmation of the winner’s name. If a prize or a notice of winning prize is returned because its delivery is impossible, the winner can be disqualified, and another admissible winner could be selected. Limit: one (1) prize by household.

5. HOW TO CLAIM A PRIZE. To claim a prize, the consumer must have been declared a winner at the time of purchase of a participating product. Before being declared a winner and having the right to receive a prize, the selected entrant will have to have answered correctly a mathematical skill-testing question featured in the liability release form without the help of a mechanical devise whatsoever, fill out and accept the conditions of the liability release form in favour of the sponsor and the people released in the five (5) days following the mailing of the form to the selected entrant. If this is not done, the prize will be cancelled, and the selected entrant will be disqualified. To claim a prize, you must call the following phone number: 1 877 821-6029 before 5:00PM ET on November 6th, 2019 (the “deadline for prize claims”) and follow the given instructions during the call or received by email. No prize will be given if the contest conditions and modalities are not respected.

6. LIABILITY RELEASE FORM, ETC. Before being declared winner of one of the prizes, selected entrants will have to sign a liability release form that (amongst other things): i) confirms the respect of the present official rules of the Contest; ii) confirms the acceptation of the prize as is; iii) discharges the sponsors MOLSON COORS CANADA 2005, Couche-Tard Inc., and each of their respective promotional and publicity agencies, any Contest supervising organization, the provincial liquor boards, the beer distribution companies, parent companies and affiliates of each of the above-mentioned entities as well as all of their administrators, leaders, owners, associates, employees, agents, reps, successors and having respective rights (collectively “released parties”) of all responsibility related to the present Contest, to the participation of the winner in the prize, to the granted prize, to the use, good or bad, of the prize or any other part of it; iv) confirm the winner’s consent relative to the publication, reproduction or any other use of his name, address, voice, declarations regarding the Contest, photographs or other representations of his person for ends of publicity lead by the sponsor or under his name in any media format that may be, including, but without limitation, the printed media, radio or television media and Internet, without any notice or remuneration. The released parties: (i) do not provide any representation or guarantee, express or tacit, in fact or in right, relative to the prizes, in particular, but without limitation, to the quality guarantee, the market value, the adaptation for a particular use, or the proper functioning; (ii) declines all responsibility related to any prejudice, damage or loss arising from the acceptation of a prize, its use, good or bad, of any trip related to the prize (if applicable) or arising from the participation to the present Contest in any other way. The liability release forms must be returned in the place and time indicated in the documents, if it is not the case, the Prize will be lost. The winner’s guest (if applicable) must also sign and return the liability release form before going ahead with the trip or participate in the Prize. The name of the guest cannot be modified once the sponsor or its agent have received the liability release form (if applicable).

7. PERSONAL INFORMATION. By entering the present Contest, the participant consents to the collection, use, disclosure of their personal information for the purpose of the Contest, including, but without limitation, to receive one or many messages, emails or others, from the sponsor or his designated representatives, which could provide the entrants with information regarding the Contest or to allow the good administration of the Contest. The entrant will be deemed to have solicited those messages from the Sponsor by the simple fact that he entered the Contest. By accepting the prize, the winner consents to the collection, use, disclosure of his names, address (city, province/territory), voice, declarations, photos or other representations of his person for means of publicity relatively to the present Contest in any media or format, including, but without limitation, Internet, without any notice, permission or remuneration. The personal information will not be used differently without any prior consent. This section does not limit the other consents that a person could provide the sponsor with or another party regarding the collection, use or disclosure of his personal information.
8. RESPONSIBILITY LIMITATIONS. Without restricting the planned scope and limitations of responsibilities elsewhere than in the present official rules of the Contest or in the liability release form, and for additional certainty, it is understood that the released parties will not be held responsible: a) of the insufficient or inaccurate information that can ensue from the transmission or processing of the winning coupon; b) the theft, loss, destruction, modification of winning coupons or an unauthorized access to those coupons; c) of any typographical mistake or other in the offer, administration of the present Contest, including, but without limitation, publicity mistakes, in the present official rules of the Contest, in the selection (if applicable) or the announcement, of an admissible winner, or in the distribution of any prize that might be; d) of a combination of the foregoing.
9. ERRORS, ETC. The bulletins, coupons, packaging or other materials used as part of the present Contest, that have been trafficked, mutilated, modified, falsified, reproduced, obtained illegally, stolen, that are unreadable, broken, or damaged in any other way or that have printing, production or any other errors, are not admissible and are void.
10. RIGHT TO INTERRUPT OR MODIFY OR END THE CONTEST. Subject to obtaining the authorization from the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux, the sponsor reserves the right to interrupt or modify the present Contest or end it in whole or in part, at any time and without notice if a factor disrupts the smooth functioning of the Contest in accordance with the present official rules of the Contest. Without limiting the general scope of the foregoing, the sponsor also reserves the right to end the present Contest completely or in part in case of a mistake, in particular in the production, distribution, selection, printing of the Contest material or because of any other event or error resulting in claims that exceed the number of declared prizes of any category; or if a winner does not claim his prize in the required time planned in the present official rules of the Contest. In such case, the sponsor reserves the right to randomly draw any prize that has not been assigned among the selected entrants that are admissible for a prize, but who have not yet won a prize. In the event of such a draw, before being declared winner, the entrant must have completed correctly the registration form, answered the mathematical skill-testing question correctly on the website and signed any document as required.

11. MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS. The selected entrants that are admissible for a prize and that have not conformed to the present official rules of the Contest are susceptible to being excluded from the present Contest and any other contest held in the future or of any other promotion held by the sponsor. All the decisions taken by the sponsor, or by any Contest supervision organization that the sponsor can designate, are definitive and mandatory regarding all the aspects of the present Contest. The released parties will not be held responsible for the unreadable, incomplete, lost, insufficient postage, wrongly addressed or forms that are sent late which will be considered void and non-effective. All of the winning coupons become the property of the sponsor and will not be returned. The use of automated devices is prohibited. We will only contact the selected entrants that are admissible for a prize (or, to the sponsor’s sole discretion, any other entrant or selected entrant). The Contest is subject to the federal and provincial laws and to all of the municipal applicable rules.
In the event of a dispute regarding the person who submitted a registration form, the latter will be deemed to have been submitted by the authorized account holder associated with the email address indicated at the time of registration. The term "authorized account holder" means the natural person who is assigned an e-mail address by an Internet service provider, an online service provider or any other organization responsible for assigning mail addresses for the domain associated with the submitted email address. A participant may be required to provide the promoter with evidence (in a format acceptable to the Promoter, including, but not limited to, government-issued photo identification) that he or she is the authorized account holder associated with the email address used during the registration in question. The sponsor reserves the right, to his sole discretion, to disqualify from the present Contest, and from all Contests or promotions that he could hold in the future, any person that, according to him, does not conform to the present official rules of the Contest, traffics the process of claiming a prize or the administration of the Contest, or acts in a disruptive or non-loyal way or with the intention to bother, insult, threaten or harass another person. A SELECTED ENTRANT ADMISSIBLE FOR A PRIZE OR ANY OTHER PERSON THAT TRIES TO HARM THE LEGITIMATE PROCESS OF THE CONTEST COMMITS A CRIMINAL VIOLATION AND AN OFFENSE, AND, IN SUCH A CASE, THE SPONSOR RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REQUIRE FROM THIS PERSON ALL OF THE CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES THAT HE IS IN THE RIGHT TO REQUIRE TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW.
Only subject to the applicable laws and any required regulatory approval, the sponsor reserves the right, without notice, to modify any date or deadline formulated in the present official rules of the Contest, in the necessary extent, for ends of conformity verification of any selected winner admissible for a Prize or winning coupon, or because of any other problem, or in the light of any other circumstance that, according to the sponsor, harms the adequate administration of the Contest, as required by the present official rules of the Contest, or for any other reason.
In case of divergence or contradiction between the modalities of the French version of the present official rules of the Contest and the information documents or other declarations contained in any document related to the Contest, the modalities of the French version of the present official rules of the Contest will prevail, govern and will take precedence to the fullest extent permitted by law.

12. RÉGIES DES ALCOOLS: The provincial liquor board is not associated in any manner to the Contest and cannot be held responsible in regard to any questions about the present Contest.

13. QUEBEC RESIDENTS: Any dispute regarding the organization or the conduct of a publicity Contest can be submitted to the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux, to be settled. A dispute regarding prize attribution can be submitted to the Régie only for intervention purposes to try and settle it.