Community Guidelines

These guidelines apply to comments on all digital platforms for Alimentation Couche-Tard brands in Canada, including Circle K and Couche-Tard.

If this is the first time you’re visiting an online Couche-Tard platform, welcome! We look forward to interacting with you on our brand platforms, both on the web and on social media.

Our online platforms are great places for fun, friendly and respectful discussions. They’re an extension of the unique in-store experience we offer. Visit them for contests, tips, news, or to connect with us and other customers! You can also ask questions; our team will be happy to answer them as soon as possible.

To make these interactions enjoyable for all, we’ve set down a few rules that apply to everybody who uses our platforms—us included! Please read them over before you take part in any discussions.

What’s allowed and what isn’t

When taking part in discussions on our platforms, we ask that you follow these rules at all times:

•    Be respectful. Don’t make comments that may be offensive or incite hatred towards a person or group.
•    Make sure the information you’re sharing is accurate. Information that’s inaccurate, misleading or deceptive may be removed.
•    Don’t share personal information that may expose privacy of anybody other than yourself. 
•    Make sure your comments are related to the topic of the post. 
•    Promotional and advertising content unrelated to Couche-Tard and its subsidiaries is not allowed. Hyperlinks are allowed only if they are related to the topic being discussed and they link to known, secure sources.
•    Don’t make similar comments on multiple posts. We read all comments and yours will be considered.
•    Be polite and courteous. Don’t use vulgar or coarse language and don’t write words or phrases in ALL CAPS, which is equivalent to shouting.
•    Discussions on our platforms are not anonymous. You should never use a false identity, a pseudonym or somebody else’s identity to express yourself on our platforms. 
•    Your comments must not infringe any copyright or intellectual property rights.

Although we respect all points of view, our team may sometimes need to intervene to uphold these rules. For example, they may give a warning, delete a comment, or ban a user if necessary.

Couche-Tard reserves the right to change these rules without prior notice.