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At Couche-Tard, our goal is to give our customers the best service possible. Your satisfaction is essential to us—it’s what guides each of our decisions and makes us so proud to serve you. We appreciate your feedback. If you’d like to share a comment, suggestion or issue regarding customer service, a product or a special offer, we invite you to visit the Contact page.

  • Simply Great Coffee
    100% Quality

    Simply Great Coffee

    Serve yourself a delicious cup of freshly brewed coffee, at any time of day—or night. We offer a wide variety of unique flavours as well as teas, hot chocolate and other warm and comforting beverages. And thanks to the Couche-Tard loyalty card, your fifth coffee is always free. Ask for yours at the counter today!

  • Milk
    Lowest price guaranteed


    Remember that at Couche-Tard, all 4L of Lactantia milk are at the lowest price guaranteed.

  • Polar Pop

    Polar Pop

    With Polar Pop, all your favourite fountain drinks—Coke, Pepsi, 7 Up, Fruitopia and many others—stay cold, really cold, thanks to our exclusive Styrofoam cup and a healthy serving of ice. Hurry to your closest Couche-Tard with a Polar Pop station!

  • Sloche


    Sloche—the favourite slushie of Quebecers young and old—is just as refreshing as ever. More than 15 years after the first one was created, people are still talking about their favourite wacky flavours! What will be this summer’s original concoction? Visit a store this summer to find out. And keep up with all things Sloche by liking our Facebook page.

    Take a break with Sloche

  • Cold Beverages

    Cold Beverages

    Need some refreshment? Visit Couche-Tard and discover our huge selection of cold drinks from every brand, in every size, for all tastes. Water, vitamin water, soft drinks, energy drinks, juice, and lots more—you’ll always find what you need to quench your thirst. And since all our drinks are refrigerated, you know your favourite beverage will always be nice and cool.

  • Beer and wine

    Beer and wine

    Couche-Tard offers an impressive selection of wines for every occasion, including renowned wines by Julia Wine and several exclusives brands. And for ice-cold beers, visit the Couche-Tard Pub, our famous cold room. You’ll find discounts every time you visit. Please note that our employees are required to ask for photo ID from anyone they believe to be 25 years and under.

  • Candy


    Looking for a tasty treat? Look no further than Couche-Tard, where you’ll find a wide array of candy and salty snacks for every taste and occasion, in snack size and family size formats. Couche-Tard is also the best place to fill up on treats for your family movie nights!

  • Grocery


    Missing an ingredient for your recipe? Couche-Tard has a very wide variety of grocery products: cereal, milk, eggs, cheese, bacon, bread, soup, pasta, sugar, flour—even soap, diapers and toothpaste. And when you need to throw together a meal with friends, drop by for your fondue broth!

  • Cartes Cadeau

    Gift cards

    Need a last-minute gift? Couche-Tard has an impressive selection of gift cards for Quebec’s most popular stores—SAQ, Renaud-Bray, Winners, La Senza, RONA, and many more. Prepaid Couche-Tard cards are available in denominations of $10, $25 or the amount of your choice (up to a maximum of $200). They are guaranteed to please

  • Lottery


    At Couche-Tard, we sell tickets for the most popular draws and a variety of instant-win lotteries. We have all your favourite Loto-Québec products. You can also play with a group to increase your chances of winning! Remember that you must now sign your ticket before validating it at the counter.

  • Food on the go

    Food on the go

    No matter what time of day, Couche-Tard offers fresh sandwiches, including a sandwich of the day on special every day of the week as well as delicious subs and even, in some stores, hot dogs, hamburgers and pizza. For breakfast, grab a protein shake and muffin, and start your day on the right foot.

  • Nos Favoris


    Have you tried Favourites? It's YOUR brand for quality and value in the everyday things you need. Whether it's just getting through the day or making it extra sweet, you'll find everything from bagged candy to nuts, seeds and trail mix...from water to 2 liter sodas. Your Favourites are ready and waiting for you, exclusively at Couche-Tard!

  • CAA


    Up to 3¢ rebate per litre in CAA Dollars and 20% off on all Favourites products.